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Deadly Serious is a forward thinking UK + European based clothing distribution company. Working with The Quiet Life, COMUNE, Gentle Fawn & Insight
  1. The Quiet Life spring 12 @ General Store Shoreditch

    The Quiet Life spring 12 collection launched last week at The General Store in Shoreditch. Consisting of art/graphic printed t hsirts, exclusive camera club photo prints t shirts, early 90’s fresh prince of bel air inspired all over printed 5 panel caps, embroidered snapback caps and vibrant ray ban style sunglasses. These wont be around for too long in The General Store on Commercial street in Shoreditch, so be sure to pay them a visit.

    Housed over two discreet floors at 98 Commercial Street in the heart of Shoreditch this unique space is an initial one-off concept store with its own distinct handwriting and personality. 

    Curated by Gordon Richardson, Design Director of Topman and Matthew Murphy Creative Director of b store London; this intimate space will feature an edited selection of core Topman pieces, Topman Design, Topman Limited and seasonal project collaborations alongside a carefully selected range of key branded items, limited edition artworks and books exclusive to this store.

    Exclusives for the launch include T and F Slack Shoes who have designed three derby shoes exclusive for General Store as well as Swear who have produced two pairs of footwear (one shoe and one boot). Surface to Air jewellery will be available as well as a limited edition t-shirt exclusively for the launch. Rite in the Rain General Store notebooks have also been produced as a limited edition run. General store will also house a selection of limited OFR books from Paris and edited collections from Casio watches, Pendleton, The Quiet Life, COMUNE, Norsea Industries and Percival with plenty more exciting collaborations and link ups to come. 

    Furnished throughout with personal finds and custom built displays sourced by The Peanut Vendor, with temporary art installations, frequent fashion updates and in-store events; the store, staffed by knowledgeable lovers of all things contemporary, will act as both a social hub and fashion destination in the heart of the local community.

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