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Deadly Serious is a forward thinking UK + European based clothing distribution company. Working with The Quiet Life, COMUNE, Gentle Fawn & Insight

    Check out some of our new SPRING & SUMMER 2013 product. This week we featured the Fletcher woven styled knit, the Geology II graphic tee and the Soto hybrid chino pants. Special thanks to COMUNE’s new intern Ross Gardner for changing careers paths to professional model.

    FLETCHER // CM-K10050

    “Woven styled long sleeve knit, two tone fabric, embroidered eyelets at bottom chest pocket.”

    color ways:
    1. NAVY
    3. BLACK

    GEOLOGY 02 // CM-T10250

    “High detailed line graphic printed on COMUNE pocket tee, pocket sewn over printed graphic.”

    color ways:
    1. GREY with RED INK
    2. WHITE with GREEN INK
    3. BLACK with WHITE INK

    SOTO // CM-D10051

    “Basic chino pant (hybrid fit), single welt coin pocket in quarter top front pockets, sewn cuff, single welt pockets at back.”

    color ways:
    1. BLACK
    2. STONE

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